Tuesday, November 15

HUD Chooses New Property Preservation Estimating Software Provider

The Dept of HUD has just adopted a new online property preservation estimating software provider to verify pricing on bids they receive for property preservation, maintenance, and repair costs on all FHA single family homes.

How does this help you?

A property preservation company can benefit in several ways. If you have access to the same database of repair costs used by HUD then you know precisely the highest price you can charge for each individual task included in typical property preservation repair jobs.

A savvy property preservation company will utilize this database to make sure they are maximizing each estimate or bid by charging the highest allowable amount for each repair item. Another benefit to property preservation companies is that by using the same property preservation estimating software as HUD they will have more of their estimates approved.

The property preservation estimating software is a little pricey. But with a little creativity, you could assemble a database of estimating templates that includes every single repair you will typically encounter as a property preservation contractor, like I did.

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